Undergraduate Students Reunite Around Success — Ninja-Style

Ninja Restaurant

Scholarship recipients meet their mentors as they continue to succeed

Held at Tribeca-based Ninja Restaurant, the undergraduate scholarship committee held its annual reunion dinner where guests – students and mentors alike – were granted the “chance to get a taste of Japan.”

This restaurant takes diners to another world.

“It is an underground dining room where ninja dressed waiters and magicians stealthily surprise and mesmerize guests as they eat,” according to Denise Seegobin, program coordinator at Lehman College and the Undergraduate Committee chair. “Upon entering the restaurant, you descend a flight of stairs into a mysterious dark and authentic ninja village with a labyrinth of complex mazes that allow diners to eat in individual rooms,” she added.

FWA board member Marietta Bottero attended the event and talked about exciting developments being considered with respect to the FWA membership structure.

“For many years, we have been working on increasing the FWA membership with our second generation females,” Seegobin told the students. January 27, 2015 013

“With school obligations, many students found it difficult to afford FWA membership. We’re now looking at a new model that makes it easier for young people to join the FWA and hope to introduce it as early as March. The students are excited to be able to participate in more FWA events and learn from these wonderful women.”

To become a mentor (one of the benefits of membership), learn more here.

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